Mbalula wages war against cop murderers


Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula, said South African stability had been significantly threatened by the total lack of regard for law enforcement.

South Africa has witnessed of series of attacks on police during the past five years and many cases have gone unpunished.

Mbalula said those days would be over under his administration, adding that police had every right to defend themselves in the face of adversity.

Criminals thinking about attacking police have been warned.

“Police murders are a serious threat to homeland security and the stability of the state,” Mbalula told POPCRU members in Pretoria at the weekend.

Mbalula said the primary concern of all South Africans, at this juncture was the safety of the police, adding that if anything needed marching for, it was the murder of cops.

“I see people marching for the murders of farmers. I have never seen people marching for the murders of police officers,” said Mbalula.

“I have never seen them standing up and supporting these police officers, who are doing their job diligently and some of them being killed on a daily basis. Criminals must be squeezed in order to stop the murders,” added Mbalula.

“That includes, at the top of the list, the killing of police.”