Cotu blasts Nasa boycott of Kenyan economy


Kenya's Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) believes that country faces the very serious risk of job losses, following dangerous threats that have been made by the National Super Alliance (Nasa).

Nasa has threatened a national economic boycott, and its campaign is starting to gather frightening momentum. Cotu Secretary-General, Francis Atwoli, said the Nasa threats should not be taken lightly, adding that there was a considerable amount at stake for all Kenyans.

As a worst case scenario, Atwoli has warned that as many as 100 000 jobs could be lost under the circumstances.

"As a workers' body we must alert workers that there is danger in what Nasa has come up with," Atwoli told the Daily Nation this week.

Raila Odinga is still a very influential man in Kenyan politics and when he is at the centre of a storm like this, Kenyans should expect havoc.

"Raila Odinga is a man with a huge following and any boycott will impact on workers and not only them but will also deter those firms from employing workers," explained Atwoli.

Central to this particular storm is the alleged bankrolling of the Jubilee election campaign by several highly influential Kenyan companies. Odinga does not believe there is any justice in Kenyan politics at the moment.

However, Atwoli thinks that Kenyan politicians need to start looking at the bigger picture and settle their differences.

"I started warning leaders from March up until August 7 that if they did anything funny then it would be an uphill task to go back to where we were," he said.

"We have appealed to the leaders to talk to one another to find a solution because this nation is for all of us. Dialogue is the key to reaching out to one another so that as a nation we can move in one direction because every Kenyan has a stake in this country."