SABN Exclusive: Lungi Naidoo opens up about mixed race heritage


With more than 10 years in the music industry, Lungi Naidoo shows with her latest offering that there is always room for growth.

The soulful singer released her sophomore album Black Diamond in 2016, six years after her first. “Life happened,” she explained.

“I look back now and even though everyone expected an album filled with sad love songs….I am glad I took time to deal with my personal issues and come out of them unburdened so I could attract positive energy that would elevate my career as well as my life to a better place,” says Lungi.

Life certainly does happen and people change over time, as did Lungi’s music style, from RnB to dance. Lungi tells SABN that she has “settled really well” into the new genre.

“Thanks to #LoveOnFire which set me on this path. It has been amazing only because of the love and support I have received from my fans who loved Lungi then & still love her now!”

Originally from “the smallest sugar cane farm in KwaZulu-Natal” Lungi has come a long way in her 10 years in the industry, and so have her goals, some have even been accomplished.

“Being raised on a compound and watching Brenda Fassie on TV, made me dream a dream bigger than me and my surroundings. I just wanted to be the biggest artist in Africa…I wanted to sing in every country in Africa and I wanted the world to say…”She’s from Africa-South Africa” ????. I’m still working hard on it!” she says.

No journey is without its challenges and one of Lungi’s has been growing up mixed race – her father is Indian and her mother is Zulu.

She says that the way her parents raised her helped her work through the challenge of being mixed race, even though it’s still something that she has to face on a regular basis.

“It’s a challenge I face all the time. But it’s not one that bothers me much ‘cos my parents taught me at a very young age that love sees no colour.”

Lungi has had the opportunity to work with the award-winning Black Coffee not only once but twice and describes the experience as “mind-blowing”.

“It was absolutely mind-blowing working with Black Coffee. I experienced first hand how much work and dedication goes into creating good music that people can relate to lyrically but still dance to!”

One thing about Lungi is that she’s a big dreamer and does not limit her dreams, hoping to one day collaborate with some of the biggest artists in Africa, such as Wizkid.

“I would love to work with artists from Africa who have broken international boundaries and represent Africa, like Wizkid”, she says.

Her dream could become a reality one day, as her music is already getting airplay in parts of Africa.

Lungi describes this as “MIND BLOWING. ..this feels like that “Oh Lord this is what I’ve always wanted moment” and I know it’s just the beginning of my dream really becoming a reality!” she exclaims.

Lungi is definitely a black diamond – rare and true to herself and has come to understand that “we are all different. And we all have different journeys to travel. I have learnt to respect mine in so many ways.”

She may be verified across social media, which in some circles puts her in the league of being a “big deal” and a celebrity. But Lungi doesn’t see it like that – the talented singer doesn’t even consider herself a celebrity but rather an “artist”.

“If you celebrate my life and music, I am honoured. But that doesn’t mean at any point that I’m higher or better than you. Umuntu ngabantu (I am because you are),” she explains.

When she’s not busy making chart-topping music, Lungi reveals that she’s “a serious gamer”.

“I can sit indoors for three days just playing games. Outside of that…I spend time with my daughter.”

Lungi Naidoo’s album Black Diamond is available on all digital platforms and will have you shaking your booty!