Catalonia independence gets support from unlikely SA ally


The National Union of Metalworkers in South Africa (Numsa) has thrown its full support behind the Candidature d’ Unitat Popular (CUP) party in Spain and its fight to have the region of Catalonia declared an independent state.

Numsa issued a statement saying that it supported the Catalan people’s right to self-determination and their struggle for “radical socialist transformation”.

The Catalans’ fight against austerity measures put in place by the Spanish government in Madrid and attempts to improve the lives of the working class in the region was fully supported, Numsa said in a statement.

The union said that the political, economic and territorial crises facing Spain at the moment were an “evident manifestation of the crisis of the capitalist system at a global level”.

Numsa also lambasted the Spanish government’s response to Catalan protests for independence.

“The response of the Spanish state was brutality and intense repression of the population. The world witnessed the violent crackdown of State security forces on peaceful protesters and voters,” the union said.

Numsa said that it “stands in solidarity with the CUP against the repressive measures adopted and announced by the Spanish Government against the working class and political leaders and parties in Catalonia”.

The union added that the solution to the political and economic crisis facing Spain, Europe and the world would be found in putting the working class “at the centre of the struggle for a socialist future”.