Parallel Wireless wins Most Innovative Application Deployment Award at AfricaCom


Nashua-headquartered Parallel Wireless became the recipient of the 2017 AfricaCom Most Innovative LTE Service/Application Deployment Award on Thursday evening. 

The company, a global leader in the wireless infrastructure market was deservedly recognised for its ability to make LTE deployments as easy and as cost-effective as Wi-Fi.

For Africa, this means that economic empowerment is enabled by easily and cost-effectively connecting the unconnected.

Telecommunications operators have a one-stop solution to deploy 2G, 3G and 4G capabilities with only one investment. This negates the need for separate base-stations, the current situation in many parts of the continent.

Parallel Wireless’ solution allows for operators to upgrade from 2G to 3G or 4G simultaneously on the same technology.

Added to this is the ease at which the solution can be installed and maintained, in fact, communities themselves would be able to work alongside operators to manage the installation and ongoing operations, making this system a world-first.

Further, the installation does not require substantial power nor cooling cabinets or servers, making it the most power-efficient solution on the market today.

By affording operators the opportunity to roll out cost-effective connectivity to communities – urban and rural – Parallel Wireless can help to connect the approximate four billion unconnected in the world, especially for Africa. Although does this require real economic inclusion and democracy.

Receiving the award, Yisrael Nov, Vice President of Sales for Parallel Wireless said: “We are honoured to receive this award and thank the industry, and our customers for recognising the scope and capability of this technology. To our team members, I would like to extend a special note of gratitude for their continued hard work and dedication to solving the world’s connectivity needs.We are looking forward to connecting the African continent and empowering people and businesses to one another.”