Gigaba leaves fees decision to Zuma


Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba has refused to comment on the current higher education fees saga, deferring all comment to the Presidency.

Gigaba, who is currently leading a high-powered government delegation on a multi-country investor roadshow, said that his office had been consulted about proposals that the Presidency was considering but that it would not be appropriate for him to say anything.

"We have been consulted on the proposals which the presidency is going to make and I think it would be appropriate for us not to make any announcement on behalf on the President, we need to sit and wait until the President has made the announcement and then we can issue a comment thereafter but for now we are awaiting the Presidency, we don’t know when the announcement will be made," Gigaba told the SABC.

Reports have been circulating that President Jacob Zuma could announce free higher education for all in the country.

Gigaba was, however, willing to speak about the question of political uncertainty which he admits has come up in conversations with investors.

"An intriguing question for me which has been raised by investors is whether the ANC conference is going to take place or not, given some of the challenges that have been experienced in some of the regional and provincial conferences across the country. We have assured them that the conference is going to take place, it is a conference of branches and the audit of branches has been concluded, we, therefore, are confident that the conference is going to go ahead and they need to take (a) leaf from the signals that have been sent in terms of policy by the national policy conference in July and so to extent that we can, we are very confident that the conference will take place, a new leadership will be elected and the policy signals have been sent by the policy conference," Gigaba said.

The investor roadshow Gigaba's involved with kicks off in New York and will include visits to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore.