Skolopad shares the inspiration behind her ‘beef’ Feather Awards outfit


Skolopad's outfit at the Feather Awards on Thursday evening has remained a trending topic into the morning after the event.

The singer wore a clear plastic dress that had boerewors covering her modesty in front, and a tutu covering her booty.

SABN reached out to Skolopad to find out what was the inspiration behind the boerie outfit.

The artist explains that it all started out with the word "beef", which she says she didn't fully understand in terms of the entertainment industry. 

It was reports circulating of issues between herself and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu which sparked her interest in to understand its meaning. 

Skolopad says she asked her daughter, who then shed some needed light on the topic.

" I only knew beef as a type of meat", adding that she "doesn't have any beef with anyone and thinks people should rather have wors than beef".

"Beef is not healthy for people it causes gout and gets stuck in your teeth," she explains.

The Feather Awards is the first event the singer has attended as an invited guest, she admitted and says she was "treated like a VIP and had lots of fun".

Skolopad is clearly not about any kind of beef, even congratulating the winners, saying, "they deserve it".