Botswana police best, Nigeria worst in Africa

A study by security body the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), which assessed police and security services of 127, found Botswana to be the best police service in Africa.

WISPI assessed the resources given to security services enabling them to perform their duties, news site This is Africa reports.

The report found that nations with smaller populations performed better. Botswana, coming in at number 47 in the world, was the best-placed African country. The overall index was topped by Singapore.

The Nigerian police service, however, was not only the worst-placed African country, it also finished bottom of the overall list.

The study found that corruption in Nigeria was one of the main problems prohibiting effective policing in the country.

The top 10 performing African countries were:

1. Botswana
2. Rwanda
3. Algeria
4. Senegal
5. Tunisia
6. Egypt
7. Burkina Faso
8. Ghana
9. South Africa
10. Morocco

The top 10 worst performing African countries were:

1. Nigeria
2. Democratic Republic of Congo
3. Kenya
4. Uganda
5. Mozambique.
6. Cameroon
7. Sierra Leone
8. Ethiopia
9. Zambia
10. Madagascar