Union leader’s house torched in vicious turf war


The National Union of Mine Workers Youth Structure (NUM-YS) said it was convinced the torching of Tebogo Litelu’s house had been politically motivated.

Litelu is the Branch Chairman of the NUM-YS at Vaal Sanitary, which is a manufacturing company. The NUM has a strong footprint there and leaders believe external forces are trying to muscle their way into that territory.

NUM-YS National Secretary, Bonginkosi Mrasi, said the act was barbaric, adding that the crime must not go unpunished.

Authorities might take a while to get to the bottom of the fire but the NUM is not prepared to sit back and allow external forces to bully it into submission.

“The NUM-YS is disturbed and concerned by the recent acts of crime and barbarism that it observed in Orange Farm in the Vaal area in Gauteng,” said Mrasi on Monday.

The allegation is that Amcu ‘hooligans’ are responsible for the act.

“This is a direct attack on NUM and its members, with the view to shift or destroy NUM in all workplaces where we organize and as the NUM-YS  we are prepared to fight back with all resources we have to defend the NUM and its entire membership,” added Mrasi.

“We call for local law enforcement agencies to take this matter seriously and all perpetrators must be brought to book as soon as possible,” added Mrasi.

Mrasi said the great tragedy with this incident is that it was another classic case of the working class turning on each other, when the actual class enemy was the employer.