Another Whatsapp crash has users going crazy


Whatsapp users across the globe were left puzzled after the instant messaging app crashed for the second time in the month of November. 

Users experienced problems with the app on Thursday evening. 

Users complained that they were having difficulty accessing the app and when they did access the app, they had problems sending and receiving messages. 

According to reports, the app started giving problems just after 21:00. It then crashed for a second time on the same night, but users said that the problem only lasted for half an hour. 

At the beginning of November, Whatsapp users experienced a problem with the app that left many feeling frustrated. 

The Facebook-owned app left users upset after they were unable to access the app for a few hours.

The  Independent UK reported that Whatsapp went down due to a problem with the server.

Users in western Europe and Asia were mostly affected, but others across the world also reported having issues with the app.