WATCH: Lasizwe’s useful #KeDecemberBoss advice


December is finally here and you know what that means… #KeDecemberBoss!

This is the time of the year where every day is Saturday and the party never stops! But for some, this festive season won’t be filled with endless partying and celebrating the coming of a brand new year. Some people in relationships will have to give their significant other “the talk” about their relationship being put on hold all in the name of KeDecember!

Popular vlogger Lasizwe recently gave women some advice on how to get through the best time of the year. In the video, Lasizwe’s popular character, Babes Wamaleyvels, gives the women of Mzansi some useful tips on how to live your best KeDecember lives without facing the consequences in January.

Lasizwe tells his followers that the most important rule for December is to “be smart”.

“Remember every lie you tell! Be smart because they are going to catch you out and they are going to know you are cheating. Be smart! Be here!” he said.

Watch the hilarious video below!