Customer makes himself a meal while Waffle House employee sleeps


After finding the only employee at the South Carolina Waffle House asleep, one customer decided to help himself to assauge his early morning cravings. 

Alex Bowen let the entire Facebook world know that at 02:00 he had a really bad craving for a meal at the popular restaurant. 

To his surprise, Waffle House was empty and the only employee on shift was asleep. 

According to Bowen, he waited 10 minutes before he started making his own meal. He claims that he not only helped himself but he also had time to "scrape the grill" when he was done. 

Speaking to WIS-TV, Bowen said he made himself the best double Texas bacon cheesesteak melt with extra pickles.

"When I was done I cleaned the grill, collected my ill-gotten sandwich and rolled on out," he said. 

Bowen returned to the restaurant the next day and paid for his meal.

Waffle House responded to Bowen's actions and said they were impressed with his skills.But the restaurant chain said that they do not agree with the fact that he went behind the counter as customers aren't allowed there due to safety reasons. 

Waffle House also confirmed that the sleeping employee was suspended for a week.