Ayanda Ncwane remembers Sifiso: ‘I weep deeply almost every night’


Sifso Ncwane’s sudden passing last year December shocked the nation, and left an unfillable void in the hearts of his family.

Ayanda, his wife, has been keeping the torch of her husband’s memory alive, and on Tuesday, commemorated the first anniversary of his passing.

Ayanda has throughout the year shared memories of her late husband, often speaking of how much she misses him.

“God decided to take you away from us, I can lie in front of the world and walk with bravery, smile with a bruised spirit, walk with silent screams, but the fact still stands I weep deeply almost every night and beg God to return you to me. I can’t get used to your absence! ” Ayanda wrote on Instagram.

On Wednesday, a new track from Sifiso called Hamba nami Baba is set to be released.

Sifiso won the Sama for Record of the Year for his hit track, Kulungile Baba, in 2013.