Black Motion taking legal action against British Airways following alleged racist incident


South African duo Black Motion has lodged a complaint against British Airways after being ill-treated on their flight. 

The duo decided to take action against the airline after they were mistreated because of the colour of their skin. Smol and DJ Murder were on a flight to Cape Town when the incident took place. 

Taking to Instagram, the duo set the record straight about what took place on the plane. 

"Black Motion happened to be the only two young black men in the British airline business class #CapeTown we are the of bad treatment. We were embarrassed and removed from business class just because a white lady complained about her broken seat," they wrote.

The statement continued, "Our image was compromised. We had to suffer as if we own British airlines having to suffer while a white lady was comfortable in our seat. We were told they can't risk to fly us as they are avoiding 911. In their eyes, we are terrorists the captain said indirectly. Our reputation/image has been compromised and this because of our kindness. Will forever humble ourselves."

The duo's manager Tshiamo Kodisang confirmed to ZAlebs that they will be taking action against the airline.

"We are currently talking with British Airways and yes we are laying a complaint against British Airways. It was blatant racism."