Shekhinah throws shade at Major League in Thirsty track


Artist Shekhinah confused fans in Mzansi when she threw major shade at Major League DJ's in her track titled, Thirsty. 

Shekhinah left fans shook when she called out Major League, saying that they never paid her for a gig. 

Despite the fact that many fans never really paid much attention, one fan pointed out that the singer was throwing major shade at the duo. 

"I don't play in the Major League I know that the brothers try to run away from paying me and once again a man takes the lead. I guess I'll just take a back seat and sip on my tea," Shekhinah says on the track. 

The duo responded to the tweet by sharing a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation that confirms that Shekhinah was in fact paid for the gig.

"We always pay ppl (sic)," they wrote in the caption.