Corona’s 5 tips on how to survive the summer heat!


This summer, Corona will be hosting their Corona SunSets Festival 2017 in Cape Town on December 16 and promises to be lit!

Nothing like the sun, your friends and a refreshing drink and with Corona Sunsets Oval & Bungalow in Clifton you can experience this and more.

With a lineup that promises to have you dancing until the sun comes back up – Jonas Blue, Mi Casa, Da Capo and Majozi are just some of the acts you can expect.

To make sure you are fully prepared for all the action that will be going down, Corona has come up with a few survival tips.

Check them out:

A comfortable carry-on

Does nobody want to look less than cool while strutting their stuff at one of the hottest festivals to hit town, right? However, having a nifty small pouch that you can wear conveniently close to your body or around your hips will ensure your wallet, lip balm, plasters, sunnies, mobile and other essentials are safely stored.

Speaking of your phone …

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you head to the party. You don’t want to miss out on documenting your favourite DJs in action, and definitely, do not want to frantically search for your friends when they are out of sight. If you can, charge a mobile power bank and take it with you to top up your phone battery when needed.

Ditch the heels – go for comfort

Ladies, if you are planning to dance your heart out, rather leave those high heels at home and put on a set of comfortable shoes. The same goes for the guys: don’t wear shoes that are too tight or chafe your feet.

Sun-savvy, not sunburn

Don’t ditch the sunscreen – especially if you are going to be soaking up some pre-sunset fest sunshine. To curb that all too familiar burnt nose look, take some inspiration from festival loving celebs like Kylie Jenner and Ian Somerhalder and consider wearing a cap or funky hat.

Hydration is key

We know you will be celebrating with a Corona in hand, but don’t forget to stay hydrated with some much-needed H20. Dancing is thirsty work – plus it can cause loss of electrolytes and potassium, leading to possible muscle cramps and weakness. So, keep an eye out for water points. If you are going to sip an alcoholic drink or two, preferably alternate with a drink of water in between.

Corona SunSets features more than eight flagship festivals and close to 4 000 events of various size and intimacy worldwide.