Four Exciting Things You Can Do This Weekend Right Here In South Africa


When you’re wanting to broaden your horizons, it’s often tempting to think about jetting off somewhere far away. But why do you need to? While the allure of seeing new places is often strong, this probably isn’t the ideal time of year for it. As the summer breaks into full swing, there’s plenty you can be doing right here in your own country.

It can be so easy to just fall into the same old routines, but this weekend, why not do something a little different?

Relax At A Spa Weekend

The luxury of a vacation need not be restricted to actually leaving the country. There is an abundance of exciting spa destinations to visit, right on your doorstep. Life can get a little chaotic, and sometimes it’s hard to take some time for ourselves and just relax. A spa weekend can be everything that is needed to rest and recuperate, without having to go too far and end up making things hard for yourself.

Whether you want a treatment, the use of some ground-breaking facilities, or even some soul-searching with some alternative therapies, there are many spas in the country worthy of the world stage. Set to often stunning backdrops and often attached to boutique hotels or resorts to allow for an overnight stay, you’ll be living the high life without having to take (too much of) a break from real life.

Learn A New Skill

South Africa offers plenty of opportunities for people to learn new skills. Of course, many of these are things we could have been doing this whole time, so why not throw yourself into the deep end with something completely new?

Picking up a skill which will help you immerse yourself in today’s online world more seamlessly is a smart choice, no matter where you are on the globe. For example, Bitcoin is exploding in the digital world, and it’s only going to continue to grow, largely in thanks to its large take-up worldwide. As a cryptocurrency, it offers an alternative to traditional payments, making it a welcome change for many people.

The best news? It’s hit South Africa, big time. It’s already been a popular currency around the world in certain industries, with casino websites like allowing people to have extra peace of mind with the security of paying in this way, but now, if you learn about bitcoin properly, you’ll be able to use it for a range of services here, too. From EarthChild clothing and its proudly South African fashion range to Cape Coffee Beans who are there to give you that all-important coffee fix, you’ll be able to get the stuff you need, while arguably getting to grips with the future of transactions at the same time.

Go On A Culinary Adventure

South Africa is blessed with some of the world’s best restaurants. No, seriously, it’s true! You can enjoy delicious cuisine no matter where you are on this planet, but here you are offered some fantastic alternatives for when you really want to push the boat out.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants is a prestigious list of the absolute best places to eat, and while 2017 didn’t have any reaching that top 50 bracket, two actually made the top 100. When you consider how many restaurants there actually are in the world, that’s a pretty high accolade.

The Test Kitchen – – narrowly missed one of those top spots – reaching a respectable number 63 as a runner-up. As it happens, it ranked much higher last year, with 2016 seeing them reach 22. It’s thought that the only reason they dropped out of the list this year is that they were closed for two months for reservations. They still have their classic, contemporary, and super-cool tasting menus, nothing has changed there.

As for the other restaurant; La Colombe – – offers amazing fusion food in 73rd place.

Be A Tourist In Your Own Country

Whether you’re hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town or doing a game drive, there are so many amazing and unique things to see and do without having to even jump onto a plane. You can try being adventurous with zip-lining, a helicopter ride with scenic views, or even cage-diving with sharks; if you’re brave enough.

No matter which part of the country you live in, remember that people come from far and wide just to see this beautiful place. There’s no reason why visitors should have all the fun when we have so much beauty to explore, and it’s ours for the taking. Oceans, mountains, wildlife and more – it really is incomparable.

Instead of another weekend watching TV or hanging about, why not actually do something meaningful instead?