School girl successfully sues police in Kenya


A teenager in Kenya has successfully sued police after photographs taken of her during a strip search were leaked on social media.

According to Kenya’s privately-owned newspaper The Standard, the girl was photographed after she was arrested with 44 other high school students.

Police reportedly intercepted the school bus they were travelling in and discovered the students smoking marijuana and having sex.

The girl reportedly pleaded guilty to being in possession of marijuana and was remanded in police custody for 18 months.

However, photographs of her half-naked during the strip-search were leaked on social media. She then filed a lawsuit, jointly with children’s rights group Cradle. They claimed that the semi-nude pictures humiliated her and requested compensation of $70 000 (around R900 000).

The court ruled that her rights had been violated and awarded her four million Kenyan shillings (around R513 000) in damages.

The incident occurred in August 2015 as the girls were heading home for the August holidays.