Nigeria appoints first navy general from the north


Earlier this week, Nigeria appointed its first female general to hail from the north of the country.

According to privately-owned news site the Cable, Jamila Malafa was promoted to the rank of Commodore, which is reportedly the equivalent to the army rank of brigadier-general.

"I am the first female of northern extraction to be promoted to the rank of a general in the Nigerian Navy. The promotion will inspire me to be more loyal and dedicated in my duties to the navy and Nigeria," the Cable reports Malafa as saying.

Malafa was honoured at a colourful ceremony held at the naval base in the capital city, Abuja. 

The newly-promoted Commodore hails from Adamawa, a landlocked state in north-eastern Nigeria.

She has served in the Nigerian Navy for close to thirty years, after joining as a midshipman in 1990.