Museveni cleared to run for sixth term


Long-time leader of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, has been cleared to run for an unprecedented sixth term in office.

Following three days of debate and weeks of contentious fighting, MPs voted on Thursday to scrap the age limit for presidential candidates.

The age limit was 75, but with the removal of the limit, the 73-year-old Museveni, who has ruled the East African nation for more than 30 years, will now be allowed to seek re-election in the 2021 elections.

In 2005, the two-term limit was scrapped to allow him to stand for a third term.

Museveni’s supporters dismissed concerns that scrapping the limit would allow him to become president for life by arguing that Ugandans could always vote him out of power.

The constitutional amendment was presented to MPs in September, and led to scenes of chaos in Parliament as physical altercations broke out between MPs.

Museveni has led Uganda since 1986 after seizing power at the head of a rebel army.

He won fresh presidential terms in 2011 and 2016, but Ugandan opposition parties, as well as the Commonwealth, United States and European Union observers questioned the validity and fairness of the election.