FF Plus lays into Cyril over land expropriation


Leader of the Freedom Front Plus (FF PLus), Piet Groenewald, said the very notion of land expropriation without compensation was extremely dangerous.

Groenewald’s comments come in the wake of the 54th National Conference of the African National Congress (ANC), where the prospect of making a Constitutional Amendment to that effect was discussed.

There is considerable division within the governing party itself, on the topic, making it one of the most contentious issues facing South Africa right now. The decision to explore this option has been met with considerable criticism from outside the organisation though.

The phrases being bandied about are food security and economic suicide, both of which are believed to be under serious threat.

“The decision, taken at the ANC conference, that South Africa’s Constitution must be amended to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation is dangerous and poses a threat to the agricultural sector, private landownership and the economy,” said Groenewald this week.

“The decision essentially jeopardises all private landownership and it paves the way for the nationalisation of land in South Africa in the future,” added Groenewald.

The jury is out on what the expropriation of land without compensation will actually mean. How is it being interpreted under the current conditions? However, Groenewald believes there is nothing positive that could possibly be gleaned from it.

“Those that believe that the conditions of the resolution, namely that food security and the economy may not be harmed, will in effect make the expropriation of land without compensation impossible, are being misled,” explained Groenewald.

Cyril Ramaphosa got elected as the President of the ANC at the conference in question and it was in his final address for the conference, that the matter of land expropriation was brought back under the microscope.

The speech also brought his Presidency back under the microscope.

“Cyril Ramaphosa has mastered the art of emphasising only those aspects that put people at ease and the interpretation of the said conditions will be an ANC-interpretation. Once the Constitution has been amended, the provision regarding food security will be interpreted such that it will allow for the expropriation of agricultural land without compensation,” said a negative Groenewald.

“The FF Plus will do everything in its power to oppose the amendment to the Constitution,” he said.