Gamblers encouraged to throw more money away


South African gamblers who operate on the Limited Pay-out Machine (LPM) have been encouraged to throw more of their money away, following the implementation of the National Central Electronic Monitoring System (NCEMS) this December.

Trade and Industry Minister, Rob Davies, said the new system would create a boom in the LPM industry and thus create more jobs. One of its greatest limitations in the past was its low level technology.

However, the new NCEMS technology will create more value for the industry and punters alike. So, what is it about this new technology that will make it so great?

“The new system is aptly named Evolution, as it brings completely new technology to the Limited Pay-out Machine (LPM) industry. With the advanced technology upon which the Evolution system is based, the industry will find itself being supported far more efficiently, while punters will also benefit from newer, more user-friendly ways of gambling on LPMs that would enable the industry to grow,” said Minister Davies on Wednesday.

The LPM machines do not offer the same payout that betting houses and casinos do, which is another limitation. So, the idea is to improve the recreational experience of those using LPM machines.

“So this advancement in technology will ultimately lead not only to greater revenue being generated by the industry to boost the South African economy, but will also see the creation of more job opportunities, as the industry prepares for further growth,” said Davies.