Maimane still wants Zuma impeached


Leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane, said Baleka Mbete now had no choice but to spearhead impeachment proceedings against President Jacob Zuma.

Maimane’s comments come in the wake of a Constitutional Court ruling, which declared that the National Assembly had failed to make rules regulating the removal of a President in terms of section 89(1) of the Constitution.

In that ruling, the ConCourt said the National Assembly must comply with section 237 of the Constitution and make rules to that effect. Again, as is often the case, the National Assembly and the President have been ordered to pay the costs of the latest legal proceedings.

Maimane has called it another damning blow for President Zuma.

“This is a consequence of the ANC capturing Parliament and turning it into a lapdog of the Executive for the sole purpose of consistently protecting Zuma and his corrupt acolytes at all costs,” said Maimane.

State capture is a concept that has featured prominently throughout the course of the Zuma administration. However, the only bodies really implicated in that were the executive, Treasury and the governing African National Congress (ANC).

However, according to Maimane the National Assembly had now well and truly been infiltrated. He explained that the onus was now on Speaker Mbete to prove that she had not been captured too.

“Parliament’s evolution into another captured arm of Jacob Zuma’s corrupt administration has been championed by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete,” said Maimane.

The jury is out on whether it has been sheer incompetence from Mbete or whether she had deliberately shielded President Zuma.

“She has consistently been found wanting in several court judgments for failing to fulfill her constitutional duties in order to protect Zuma and the corrupt ANC – this judgment has again made it clear that Baleka Mbete is unfit to serve as Speaker of the National Assembly,” added Maimane.

Speaking on the judgement itself, Maimane said: “This now requires that Parliament step up and correct its course before it is completely lost.”