OUTA wages war with City of Cape Town


The Democratic Alliance-led City of Cape Town is in hot water once again, after it failed to respond to the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), which has grave concerns about a proposed drought levy to be implemented in 2018.

According to OUTA the two parties were supposed to have met on Friday already. However, that objective was not realised. OUTA believes it now has no option but to consult with its lawyers and map the way forward.

Suffice to say, OUTA wants plans to implement the levy scrapped. However, this fight is not just with the City of Cape Town. It is also to do with the Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation.

OUTA portfolio manager for water, Julius Kleynhans, explains.

“We want the city to start holding the national to account so that the National Department of Water and Sanitation provides the water, not the city. It’s not the city’s constitutional obligation to do that and we don’t want to see the Constitution being changed now all of a sudden on the city’s terms,” said Kleynhans.