Rustenburg woman falls to her death


Tragedy struck in Rustenburg this weekend, after a 27-year-old woman was killed when she allegedly slipped and fell during a mountain climb.

The complete circumstances behind the fall are still the subject of a police investigation.

The woman fell down the mountain on Friday night, but her body could only be successfully retrieved on Saturday morning, due to poor visibility at night. Rescue workers could only access the body by abseiling.

The incident is reported to have taken place early on Friday evening.

“Paramedics and local fire services arrived on the scene where they found a group of friends at the top of the mountain. They explained that a woman, that was with them at the time, apparently slipped and fell several metres,” said ER24 spokesman Werner Vermaak on Saturday.

“Due to low visibility, rescuers made use of an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera to search for the woman between the thick trees. After some time, they managed to find her and used rope equipment to abseil to her location. Sadly, she showed no signs of life and was declared dead on the scene. Due to the dangerous conditions and poor visibility, the retrieval of her body was postponed until early this morning,” added Vermaak.

“ER24, the Mountain Search and Rescue Club, Fire Department and Police Search and Rescue set up equipment early this morning to abseil to her location. Rescuers had to hoist her body back up the mountain as they could not access the slope from the bottom,” he said.