Drought: Price of milk products expected to spike


Agriculture authorities in the Western Cape have warned that the price of milk products could increase this year, given the drought conditions that have plagued that province.

Farmers have been worst hit by the Western Cape drought and food security has been under threat. Chief Executive Officer for AgriWCape, Carl Opperman said the situation could not be avoided for much longer.

At this juncture, farmers are just losing too much income. The figure being bandied about is R14-billion, not to mention the 400 000 jobs that have now been placed at risk.

"Certain areas of the agriculture sector are already in Day Zero, because we cannot irrigate any further," said Opperman.

"It will have a devastating effect not only on the agricultural side, but also the total value chain, e.g. milk has got to go into yoghurt, to all the cheeses etc. There's no water, we've got to make a plan to see where we can move those animals – a high cost – and at the risk of losing them entirely."