Services resume at Geldenhuis Station


Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi said business would continue as usual on the Springs line, which was affected by the train collision at the Geldenhuis Station, East of Johannesburg on Tuesday.

"The affected Springs line is now cleared for operation and services resumed this morning," said Maswanganyi on Wednesday.

The Minister said he was satisfied with the "thorough maintenance and mechanical tests" that were done on that line, adding that there would be no further delays for commuters who needed to travel to and from work this week.

"Emergency services gave the injured the necessary medical care onsite and transferred them to various hospitals around Gauteng, whilst PRASA restored rail operations following the removal of both the affected trains and the fixing of the damaged perway," said Maswanganyi.

While operations have resumed on Wednesday, nobody can ignore the fact that over 200 passengers were injured during Tuesday's incident, which would suggest that a thorough investigation needs to be conducted.

Maswanganyi insists that the matter will be thoroughly interrogated, adding that the investigation will be swift.

"The RSR team of investigators commenced without delays with the preliminary investigations and a report is expected to be released soon," said the Minister.

"It is incidences such as these that corroborate the decision by government to invest billions in the PRASA station modernisation, signalling programme and fleet renewal programme. These investments will ensure that incidences such as these become a thing of the past," added Maswanganyi.