BREAKING NEWS: Huge budget deal passes to reopen US government


The government of the United States of America is back in business, after the House of Representatives approved a massive funding deal.

The House approved a massive proposal which would raise spending caps by around $300-billion.

The bill was approved early on Friday morning, after Kentucky’s Republican Senator Rand Paul refused to sign the proposal without his amendments first being debated in the chamber, CNN reports.

Thursday and early Friday morning was a scramble for Congressional negotiators to garner enough votes in the house.

The bill was passed in the Republican-controlled chamber 240-186, but the House of Democrats was needed to pass the bill.

The way forward for the bill is, however, still unclear.

The process is not complete however.

A call by the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, that a vote on an unrelated House bill that can serve as a vehicle for the process to continue has been made.

McConnell held true to a promise made to open an immigration debate next week.

Monday’s vote is an unprecedented move by the Senate, as it will see senators offer a number of amendments to a number of competing immigration proposals which will secure the 60 votes required for the bill to advance.

This, however, remains dependent on the House passing the continuing resolution, expected to happen later on Friday morning.

The shutdown ensued after Senator Paul refused to approve the proposal, slamming his Republican colleagues for “hyprocrisy” and lack of fiscal restraint.