Harrysong: Big Brother Naija in desperate need of morals


Nigerian superstar, Harrysong, said mothers in that country were not amused by the nature of the content aired on ‘Big Brother Naija’, adding that the show’s producers needed to be conscious of this.

Speaking to the Independent this week, Harrysong did not deny that the show had been a roaring success and even congratulated producers for their achievements. He is also under no illusions about what it is that drives the show.

However, he also believes that the show is seriously lacking on morals, adding that this needed to be addressed with the utmost urgency.

“BBNaija is a reality show. Yes, they are encouraging younger ones and doing well, but they should just add some morals,” said Harrysong on Saturday.

The reality is that even though the show has a clear restriction, children around Nigeria and other parts of Africa are exposed to it and all of the shenanigans that take place. He said authorities could not turn a blind eye to that.

“Children are watching it, so they shouldn’t think that it is censored and meant for a specific audience, children are watching and some of our mothers are not happy about it,” said Harrysong.

“You see some of our girls just go there and two days, they start kissing another man while they have boyfriends here.

“Some of our people that are married, they go there and start kissing another girl. So it just shows how not ready some people are. But it’s good because it brings out a lot in them. It makes some of them, breaks some of them… but they should just add some rules, morals and censor some things so that we can keep enjoying the show.”