Factory pollution forces school to close


Pollution from a factory situated next to a school in Ghana has forced authorities to close the institution, officials say. 

The school, in Asuature in the Greater Accra Region, was forced to close after more than 1 000 students were reportedly affected by the pollution emanating from the factory.

Local doctors in the area, however, reportedly dismissed the students claim that the pollution had caused their respiratory problems. The doctors reportedly accused the students of smoking.

According to a report by the BBC, an assistant headmaster at the school had to be transferred after he developed lung problems as a result of the fumes from the factory.

Farmers, who produce tilapia fish, rice and bananas in the area, have also been advised that their livelihoods are at risk as a result of the waste released by the factory.

According to reports, the pollution has been a problem for the last four years, but that it has worsened over the last two years.

The toiletries and plastics factory is owned by Chinese nationals, and reports say that the owners failed to comply with a deadline given by local government authorities to fix the problem.

The owners of the factory have yet to respond to the reports.