Mixed reactions to Obamas’ official portraits


The official portraits of former US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were unveiled on Monday at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington.

The portraits were met with mixed reactions from the public, with some loving the artwork, while others questioned if the portraits were true representations of the popular power couple.

Amy Sherald painted Michelle Obama’s portrait. The former first lady wears a white dress with geometric patterns against a pale blue background.

Barack’s portrait was painted by Kehinde Wiley. The former president wears a suit with no tie, siting on a chair against a backdrop of leaves and flowers, which reportedly symbolize his journey.

Both paintings were done by black artists and were chosen by the former first couple during their time in office.

The portraits have been praised by the African-American community for portraying the beauty of the president and his wife.

The unveiling of the portraits once again led to calls – from his loyal supporters – for him to return to the White House and bring back the Obama magic.

Check out the portraits below: