ZumaRecall: Motion of No Confidence not on the table yet


The African National Congress (ANC) said party President Cyril Ramaphosa was the obvious candidate to take over as South Africa’s Head of State, but failed to put a timeline on when Jacob Zuma would be removed from top office.

Secretary-General of the ANC, Ace Magashule, said no deadline had been set for the removal of President Zuma from office, adding that the processes needed to be allowed to unfold.

“It is obvious that in terms of our Constitution, that the President of the ANC must become the Candidate for the President of the country. The only problem we are dealing with is these times which are not aligned,” said Magashule, making reference to the gap period between the ANC National Conference and the General Election.

“The collective of the ANC believes that indeed Ramaphosa must take over as the President of the country,” added Magashule.

Magashule was pressed on Zuma’s reaction and how the governing party will handle this process from here on. However, he failed to give away too much detail.

“We went with the DSG [Jessie Duarte] today, to meet with the President and to communicate the decision of the NEC. As we communicated this decision, obviously we are giving him time and space to respond. We haven’t given him any deadline to respond,” added Magashule.

The jury is also out on whether President Zuma will actually resign or if a Motion of No Confidence will need to be tabled in the National Assembly. The ANC admits the Motion of No Confidence is not on the table yet.

“As to whether he is going to resign, I think we are saying, in terms of our Constitution, we are actually saying after constructive discussions, and the fact that the problem is about shortening the time, which the NEC could not agree to.

“The NEC said that because of transition and uncertainty, we really need to take a decision. So, when we recall our deployee we expect our deployee to do what our organisation expects him to do. I don’t know what will happen but let’s leave it to President Jacob Zuma.

“The NEC believes that this is an urgent matter, so it must be treated with urgency. As the ANC we have not discussed any Motion of No Confidence for now. Whatever processes are supposed to happen in Parliament once we have a response, I think that is what will actually happen.”