Moyane comes out swinging, like a rusty gate


Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) said the suspension of Commissioner Tom Moyane presented a great opportunity for the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to restore its public image and strengthen the country’s capacity to deliver on its mandate.

Moyane was suspended by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday, while Mark Kingon was subsequently appoint to act in the position until the allegations against Moyane could be thoroughly tested.

Moyane is not going down without a fight though.

The image of SARS has taken a battering for years, and BLSA Chief Executive Bonang Mohale is actually of the opinion that the suspension was long overdue. The biggest failure from SARS has been that of revenue collection.

Efforts by Moyane to improve that, even through a street campaign, have not yielded the kind of results that South Africa needs, especially as a developmental sate.

“The integrity of SARS is of paramount importance for the country’s economic health and, as such, the institution is among the vital state organs that should be protected,” said Mohale on Wednesday.

BLSA warns South African authorities to be on full alert during this period of transition, as Moyane will put up an aggressive fight.

“While we respect his right to challenge his suspension, we believe that it is important for him to step aside to enable SARS to focus on its constitutional mandate,” added Mohale.

“Following the suspension, the priority must now be to constitute the requisite disciplinary proceedings against Mr Moyane to bring this matter to finality. SARS is too important to be mired in controversy and uncertainty regarding its senior leadership.”