Khabonina Qubeka takes #KhaboYoga international


Popular South African actress and fitness queen, Khabonina Qubeka, is taking her message of the positivity of yoga international.

The actress, popularly known for her role as Nina Zamdela in the SA soap Isidingo, is a huge fan of fitness, and is the first South African to release a fitness DVD.

The award-winning actress, TV host and choreographer has been invited by Guinness World Record holder YogaRaj to participate in the Afro-Asia Yogathon set to be held in Hong Kong from March 27 to April 4.

Khabonina has teamed up with YogaRaj to take her #KhaboYoga challenge to Hong Kong to conduct the first ever #Mandela100Yogathon.

The event, #Yogathon100ForMadiba, in support of the Nelson Mandela Centenary, represents the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s strategy to elevate the legacy and memory of Nelson Mandela.

“Yoga Raj must have obviously seen my yoga work, was impressed and decided it would be great to join heads and run this first ever Yogathon for Madiba in Hong Kong,” Khabonina explained.

“I’m so honoured to be participating in this exciting project.”

Khabonina is passionate about fitness and is a firm believer in living a healthy lifestyle.

The aim of her #KhaboYoga tour is to spread the message of the importance of health and fitness, especially in children.

Khabonina will be following her trip to Hong Kong with a visit to Botswana, then Zanzibar and finally South Africa.

During her visit to Botswana, Khabonina will run a fun Health Fitness Africa session for communities. The entertainer will introduce her KhaboYoga to the communities, which will incorporate traditional and modern dancing styles, along with various fitness exercises and yoga.

The workshops will also talks on healthy food, how to curb diabetes and obesity, and the power yoga workouts can have on one’s body.

In Zanzibar, Khabonina will be hosting a Yoga fun retreat where families and couples can join her at a private resort to learn more about yoga.

In South Africa, Khabonina will be visiting a number of schools where she will be speaking to children about the importance of fitness and the positive impact living a healthy lifestyle now can have on you in the future.

“I feel the need to share this yoga experience with the community – especially the children,” Khabonina says.

“Yoga has a deep history in North Africa. It’s a place Kemetic Yoga was born. I want to show children that the idea of yoga isn’t a foreign one and how beneficial yoga is for African children. The health benefits are imperative and it is a message I feel strongly about.”

Khabonina will be in Hong Kong from March 27 to April 4; in Botswana from April 26 to 29; in Zanzibar from June 21 to 28 and in South Africa from July 18 to 26.