What J.Cole’s new album title ‘K.O.D’ means


After staging a surprise show in New York City, hip-hop artist J. Cole announced that he would be dropping a new album on Friday.

The Wet dreams hitmaker had fans holding onto their heads trying to make sense of the bomb he dropped on them on Monday.


His encrypted tweet let everyone know that an album would be released on Friday. As to what the title KOD means, is anyone’s guess. Fans have been left scratching their heads to figure it out.

Just prior to sharing the news, Cole tweeted about a surprise party in New York City where no phones or cameras were allowed and there were no guest or press lists.

According to Miss Info, the concert, held at Manhattan’s Gramercy Theatre was actually a listening party and fans were allowed in on a first-come basis.

Miss Info also revealed that the album, K.O.D “carries three different subtitles (Kidz On Drugz, King Overdose, Kill Our Demonz) and it was recorded in two weeks.”

Fans who attended the listening session have shared on social media that the album will have no features and has 12 tracks.

Cole last released an album in 2016, 4 Your Eyes Only, which went on to reach platinum status.