Bryson Tiller opens up about dealing with depression while recording ‘True to Self’


After deactivating his Instagram account and keeping it lowkey on social media, Bryson Tiller took to a different social media account and opened up about dealing with depression before releasing his album, True to Self.

After his sophomore album was not as successful as his 2015 debut album, Trapsoul, Tiller decided to open up about why he believes his latest project didn’t do too well.

In a recent response to a fan on Twitter, Tiller admitted that his 2017 album didn’t do too well because of his battle with depression.

“I was depressed before I made that album and you can hear it in the music,” he wrote.

He continued, “statistically, we didn’t do that great because of it (depression)”.

Tiller believed that fans could tell that he wasn’t in a great place when he recorded True to Self, saying that most of the songs reflected on hurt, pain and being rejected.

But the Exchange hitmaker let fans know that his depression ended in 2017 and he has been working harder than ever.

“Depression ended in 2017 and I (have) been working hard ever since. stay tuned.”

The singer said that he felt he needed to let his fans know that right now he is doing much better.

“Just wanted to clear up any confusion on my current state of mind. love y’all.”