Brittany Harper’s criminal fantasy ends with an additional 19 years in jail


Brittany Harper, whose partner-in-crime was killed after a dramatic high speed-chase and shootout with police in 2016, was sentenced to an additional 19 years in prison on Tuesday.

Harper and her boyfriend, Blake Fitzgerald, rocked to fame after a ten-day crime spree, which stretched across four states in January-February 2016. The crimes were committed in Missouri, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Together, they were dubbed “Bonnie and Clyde”, after a series of hijackings, armed robberies and even a kidnapping.

Harper pleaded guilty to all of her charges in Jefferson County on Tuesday and was subsequently sentenced for her involvement.

Just last year, Harper pleaded no contest for the crimes she and her boyfriend committed in Florida. She faces a 20-year sentence in that state too.