Four teenagers killed in violent crash, driver survives


Four Boston teenagers have been killed, after the car they were travelling in was ripped to pieces in a violent crash this weekend.

Local authorities said three of the teenagers were declared dead at the scene of the crash, where the car flipped over and ploughed into a tree. The accident happened in East Bridgewater, just south of Boston.

Residents of the property affected by the crash were not harmed.

“Three people had been pronounced dead at the scene, one person was taken to the Brockton hospital and was pronounced dead there,” Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz told Boston 25 News.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, Cruz said the four were classmates Christopher Desir, Eric Sarblah and David Bell, all 17-years-old, and 16-year-old Nick Joyce. All of whom went to Stoughton High School.

A fifth teenager, who has not been named, was the driver of the vehicle and is currently being treated for his injuries in hospital.

Picture Credit: Boston News