Don Dada wins #UltimateHouseParty but what will he do with the prize money?


Don Dada on Thursday won Mzansi Magic’s Ultimate House Party show and if you watched the show you know Don threw some amazing parties.

A true Skhotane at heart Don on the show was always swagged out in true Khotane style.

Don managed to bag the title of the Ultimate House Party host from Musa in the final. Both contestants had to throw an all-white party for their special guests as much as both parties were lit, Don walked away as the ultimate winner.

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to congratulate Don for winning the show, for showing them that cotton eaters know how to have a good time and walking away with the R150 000 prize money.

However as happy as viewers were for Don they couldn’t help but think of how Don would be spending his prize money as Skhotane’s are known for spending money in the weirdest ways.