Man smashes girlfriend's head against bathtub, over Snapchat app


Dameon Marmolejo (21) has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after beating his girlfriend to a pulp last year.

The Lubbock man – who will be sentenced on Tuesday – beat his girlfriend Solidad Torres, because she added Snapchat to her phone. She is currently recovering in a local hospital, after sustaining serious injuries to the head.

The arrest warrant, which has been seen by KCBD Digital, details the events leading up to the assault. It states that Marmolejo arrived at Solidad’s house on June 17, 2017 – in an apparently angry mood.

“When he walked in, her phone flashed that she had a Snapchat message. She told police she had deleted the app after she and Marmolejo started dating. They met through Snapchat,” read the warrant.

“Marmolejo then became very angry that she downloaded the app again and also told police that he had accused her many times of cheating on him. She told police that is why she deleted her Snapchat previously.

“She told police he first slapped her across the face then pushed her. She fell to the floor and he began punching her in her sides and torso. She said she turned over to protect her head and face from being hit. He then began stomping her upper back and the back of her head with his foot. She also said he began calling her vulgar names and accusing her of cheating on him.

“She was able to get away from him and run into the bathroom. She was not able to lock the door before he pushed his way in. He then grabbed her and threw her to the ground where he continued to slap and punch her. She told police she was lying next to the tub when he grabbed her by her hair and banged her head against the tub three or four times. She told police she was not able to feel her face and head, saw the blood and blacked out. She said she heard Dameon call 911, she opened her eyes and he threw the phone at her before he left,” continued the Warrant.

Marmolejo was subsequently arrested for the crime last August, after he left overwhelming evidence at the scene of the crime.

Picture Credit: Torres Family/New York Post