Mayor Mashaba targets Luthuli House


City of Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, has threatened to hit the African National Congress (ANC) where it hurts most – at the governing party’s political headquarters.

Mashaba said the ANC had failed to pay the City of Johannesburg the R300 000 that it owes in legal fees, following a failed court bid in September 2017. The City has since obtained a writ of execution against the ANC, which means that it could seize R300 000 worth of property from Luthuli House.

Central to this storm is the urgent application to the South Gauteng High Court, brought forward by the ANC in September last year, in what the DA called a desperate effort to table a motion of no confidence against Mayor Mashaba.

“The Court struck the ANC’s application from the roll and awarded costs in favour of the City as a result of their application being ‘devoid of urgency’,” read a statement released by the DA on Tuesday.

“It was unfortunate that Court’s time and taxpayer’s money had to be used to prove that the ANC’s baseless accusations were nothing more than a smokescreen to regain control of the City by any means possible, but more concerning is the ANC’s failure to respect the Court order which instructed the them to pay for the City’s legal costs,” continued the statement.

“Should the ANC fail to honour this payment by Friday, 15 June 2018, the City has instructed its lawyers to proceed with the execution of the court order, which will result in R300 000 worth of property being seized from the ANC headquarters, Luthuli House, by the Sheriff of the High Court,” said Mashaba.