Woman jailed after fabricating sexual assault story


Welsh woman, Claire Morgan, will spend the next 30 months in jail, after she falsely accused a Muslim cab driver of sexually assaulting her.

Somir Uddin, who took Morgan on a five-minute journey to Wildmill in Bridgend last year, has been ruined after the allegations first emerged.

He has lost his job, spent time in jail and been forced to try and manage the strain that has been put on his family, following the arrest.

Morgan has apologised for the harm caused, but that is little consolation for a man who now has to pick up the pieces after what has been a devastating 12 months.

Not only did Morgan fabricate the allegation, but she went as far creating a false social media account – to corroborate the story – and phoning in as a witness to the incident.

Speaking during sentencing in the Cardiff Crown Court, Judge Eleri Rees said: “This was a wicked course of conduct.”

Police conducted an extensive investigation, after which they simply could not produce evidence of the crime. The story eventually fell flat, but it has come at a price.

“He (Uddin) was simply doing his job. The next thing he knew, as he returned from prayer at the mosque, he had a message from the police,” said prosecutor Rachel Knight

“He was shocked to discover he was being accused of sexual assault. The police realised she had been telling a pack of lies,” added Knight.