Mulder: Established order in white and coloured communities being disrupted


Leader of the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) in the Western Cape, Corne Mulder, said the African National Congress (ANC) was directly responsible for the civil unrest that has plagued the province this year.

The assertion is being made that the disruption is being fuelled by the ANC-backed plans to expropriate land without compensation. The FF Plus feels that while the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have called for land occupations, the ANC has effectively been an enabler.

“The established order of the Western Cape’s traditionally white and coloured communities is increasingly being disrupted by land occupations and violent protest actions that have spread through the province like wildfire,” said Mulder on Wednesday.

“It seems as if the events that transpired in Mitchells Plain at the beginning of May had a domino effect that spread far and wide and it is seriously disrupting the peace and order in quiet communities,” added Mulder.

“Over the last few weeks, there have been uprisings in Philippi, Hermanus, Westlake, Parkwood, Dunoon, Riebeek West and Riebeek-Kasteel to name but a few. There have even been incidents of violent protest actions in the Malay Quarter as well.

“The root cause for the unrest seems to be more or less the same with all the incidents, namely illegal land occupations that turn into violent protest actions as soon as the police intervenes. According to media reports, law enforcers are particularly worried about the high levels of violence during these protest actions,” he said.

While, he felt the buck ultimately stopped with the ANC, EFF and trade unions, Mulder said the governing Democratic Alliance (DA) also needed to accept responsibility for its failure to manage the housing shortage that was starting to plague the Western Cape, for whatever reason.