Young woman butchered after going on a Tinder date


A devastated community is searching for answers after a Nebraska woman, Sydney Loofe, went on a Tinder date and never came back.

Saline County police have since made two arrests in connection with the murder, and both suspects are expected to appear in court again later this month.

One of the suspects is Bailey Boswell, who was a participant in the date and Aubrey Trail, who shared an apartment with Boswell.

It has been established, by the Douglas County morgue that Loofe was strangled to death and that when her body was found, it had been dismembered and disposed of in several garbage bags in rural Clay County.

There is also overwhelming evidence that the two suspects were involved in the murder and subsequent cover up of the heinous crime.

However, what isn’t clear is why it had to be murder and why Loofe was the chosen victim.

What are the circumstances that led up to the murder of a woman who is reported to have had good relationships with her colleagues and her family; a young woman with a promising future?

That will be interrogated by the courts.