School counsellor caught in bed with teenage boy, hands herself in to police


The drama continued in Texas this week, when Shannon Hathaway (33) handed herself over to the police, after being caught in bed with a student.

Hathaway, a counsellor at Harwood Junior High School, had originally been placed on administrative leave. However, Bedford police caught wind of the controversy and have asked to investigate.

They actually issued an arrest warrant for Hathaway on Wednesday, on a charge of improper relations between an educator and a student. She didn’t want the matter to drag out any longer than it had to.

“As is standard practice, the police department asked district personnel to not investigate the criminal allegations, so as to not interfere in the police investigation and the district agreed,” Lt. Biff Schuessler told the Star-Telegram on Thursday.

“Investigators determined that a male student at Harwood during the 2016-2017 school year had allegedly been involved in a physical relationship with Hathaway,” added Schuessler.

IMAGE CREDIT: Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office