Another teacher pleads guilty after sleeping with her students


Former McKinley High School teacher, Tiffany Eichler, has pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual battery, after she had sexual relations with three of her students this year.

Eichler has apologised for her transgressions and was subsequently sentenced to 30 days in the Stark County Jail and an additional 30 half days in a non-jail reporting program.

However, for one of the parents affected, nothing could possibly compensate for the emotional damage suffered by her child during the sexual encounter.

According to the Canton Repository, the boy’s mother lashed out at the teacher’s behaviour during the sentencing hearing this week – calling Eichler a professional predator.

“He is known as a good kid who will do anything for anyone. Miss Eichler, you took my son’s kindness for his weakness,” said the child’s mother.

“He is a victim of a professional predator,” added the boy’s mother.

“He was manipulated (by Eichler) into believing it was acceptable (to have a sexual relationship with the teacher). The thought of not being able to protect my son for the first time in 17 years hurt my soul,” she said.

“I’m his mother; I’m his protector. You were supposed to be looking out for my son but you were only looking out for yourself.”

Image Credit: Stark County Jail