Japan Floods: Death toll rises to 150, while 50 more are unaccounted for


The number of deaths recorded has now risen to more than 150, after flood waters ripped through Japan this week.

Many more have been injured, as rescue officials continue to work around the clock, in a bid to save as many locals as possible.

Authorities said, as of Tuesday night, that as many as 50 people remained unaccounted for – that figure could also rise as the rescue operation continues.

The flooding has been compounded by subsequent mudslides, which have made it exceedingly difficult to access power and drinkable water. Countless homes and lives were destroyed by the heavy weather.

The area hardest hit by the weather has been Hiroshima.

Local volunteer, Yuki Sato, spoke to the Associated Press on Tuesday, when she explained that food supplies were significantly limited, even for those who were being housed at local shelters.

Large sections of the local community are also being isolated by the wave of destruction that has hit the country.