ANC: Venezuela’s sovereignty under siege from US


The Alliance Political Council, led by the African National Congress (ANC), has expressed solidarity with the government of Venezuela.

Relations between Venezuela and the United States have been particularly strained since Donald Trump assumed office. The progress made between the two countries during the Obama years has been eroded – although the Trump administration does not view any of Obama’s work as progress.

As far as the ANC is concerned Venezuela us under siege. The perception is that Trump poses an unprecedented threat to national sovereignty in the South American country.

Present at the Alliance Political Council were Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza and Deputy Minister for African Affairs Pimentel Yuri. This could ultimately pit South Africa against the United States again – after the fallout over the Trump intervention in Israel and Palestine.

“The revolutionary alliance headed by the ANC is part of the contingent of progressive forces to make the world a better place for humanity,” said national spokesperson Pule Mabe.

“The meeting expressed solidarity with the people of Venezuela against the US-led aggression which seeks to undermine her sovereignty. The meeting agreed to foster relations with the socialist party of Venezuela and other progressives forces of the Latin America and the Caribbean region,” added Mabe.

“The purpose is to foster our common efforts of solidarity and internationalism to bring the unity of the struggles of our two people”