Anzani talks football, culture and vodka


The FIFA World Cup is over but the memories it has created are everlasting and will be cherished for many years to come.

Before the World Cup began DStv ran a competition giving its customers a chance to win a Trip to Russia to watch football’s showpiece. The competition was meant to create hype around the biggest soccer tournament in the world and DStv’s Connect with greatness campaign.

Anzani Masia and his partner were lucky enough to win the competition and jetted off to Russia to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Having found out about the competition on a pamphlet at a game store, Azani decided to try his luck and enter the competition and as it so happens, fortune does favour the brave.

The Pretoria-based Anzani says, upon finding out that he had won, he “was so shocked and excited at the same time, to get this huge opportunity of a lifetime” and who wouldn’t be.

Anzani says that Russia is a “very strict and clean country” and describes the place “full of beautiful buildings and some places have statues of the country’s heroes who fought and saved their country during the war many years ago.”

Most travellers will tell you the best thing about travelling to a foreign land is getting to experience food that you are not used to.

Russia is known to be the home of Vodka and Anzani agrees “as they (Russia) are the best in vodkas”. He and his partner even got to experience the wide range of Vodkas on a tour of the vodka museum.

It’s hard not to compare and find similarities of your homeland with a country you might be visiting but Anzani says Russia has traffic just like South Africa but differs in terms of ways of transportation and food.

Getting to experience a soccer match live in action is a beautiful experience and a world cup game is on its own level. Anzani says that despite the atmosphere being quite extraordinary and everything being well organised at the stadium, South Africa has better infrastructure.