Limpopo health department causes a stir with insensitive HIV tweet: ‘Those who die of HIV and Aids today‚ it’s by choice’


The Limpopo health department found itself in hot waters following an insensitive post on their official Twitter account which suggests that dying from HIV is a “choice”.

“Those who die of HIV and Aids today‚ it’s by choice. Government availed various preventative measures and medication in management of HIV,” the tweet read.

The post has since been deleted, but screenshots of the post are still causing a stir on social media.

A spokesperson for the health department said that the error was made by a department official.

“The common issue to emerge from different speakers was that people who don’t test‚ who refuse to take medication or deliberately default on ARVs are the common challenges faced by nurses dealing with HIV/Aids in rural areas. Unfortunately, the tweet did not capture the necessary context,”  Neil Shikwambana said.

The department has since apologized for the tweet.

“The tweet should not have been published… because it lacked sensitivity and the necessary context.”